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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Baby Ligers at Animatastic

In honor of the two Liger cubs born at China's Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo this month and now being cared for by a dog after being abandoned by their mother, Animatastic introduces an extensive range of Liger products. Here are just a few of the design available:

View all of the Animatastic Liger products here.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cute New Designs for Baby Occasions

Whilst all of the Animatastic animal designs are cute cartoons, and 95% of those are for children, until now we haven't created any products scecifically for baby occasions...... but all of that has changed! We now have the beginings of a super sweet baby range including birth announcements and baby shower invitations as well as mementos and souvenirs.

Baby Birth Announcement with Cartoon Tiger Cub invitation
*only available via the .com site

Mother and Baby Elephant Baby Shower Invitation invitation

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Super New Cartoon Animals at Animatastic

There are lots of new animal characters cropping up over at the Animatastic store: from beavers and chipmunks to big cats and much morein between!

If Guinea Pigs are your favorite animal then these two designs are for you. They feature Gillian and Gunther Guinea Pigs, cute and chubby little pets indeed!

Rodents are cute! Here are some more furry critters just to prove that point:

This is Benjamin the baby beaver, he's so cute with his big tail and teeth! He loves to swim and play when his mummy and daddy aren't making him help with the damn.

When you see Russel the Red Squirrel looking as adorable as this, how could you possibly doubt that rodents are cute?

If rodents really aren't your thing (even after all of that cuteness) then maybe Hector the Hedgehog is more your thing?

Or perhaps you prefer little kitty cats like Timmy the Tiger cub or Liam the Lion cub?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Animatastic Animals are Graduating!!

Some of the cute Animatastic animals are graduating! They have even had their pictures proudly displayed on a new range of cards, gifts and invitations over at the Animatastic store to celebrate their achievements! Why not pop along and grab a gift for yourself or your Graduate!

Cute Cartoon Panda Bear Graduate invitation